025: How to Save 50% of your Income & How to Invest in Cannabis w/Gianni LaTange

Gianni LaTange resides in Brooklyn, New York, and engages in freedom actualization through intentional personal finance education, community building, and strategy, especially for Black & Brown womxn, and queer people of color.

As it relates to personal finance, Gianni is committed to equipping Black & Brown womxn, and queer people of color with the knowledge and confidence to be financially self-sufficient, make empowered financial decisions, and manifest a work-optional life (hey early retirement!)

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People to follow for Cannabis Investing:
@_ashleymfox @theivyinvestor 

JourneytoLaunch, HouseofFI, Side Hustle Pro 


  • “Investing All in One for Dummies” — it’s 8 books in one 

  • “A Beginner’s Guide to investing” (Ivy Bates) is also a good book to get familiar with terminology and basic strategies 

  • “Stock Investing for Beginners” (John Roberts) 


Kendra Barnes: The Rental Property 90-Day Action Plan:

The Godyssey

Tips on saving Money 

  1. Lower Housing Costs 

    1. Tips to renting in New York: Look During the Winter, Look for Rent Stabilized Apartments

  1. Treat Saving Money as an Expense and Automate (Listen to EP. 002 of IDDB for more details) 

  2. Give every dollar a job 

  3. Have an “F It Fund” 

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